Libello’s services allow you to calculate the cost of shipping and lead times. The calculations are based on shipping agreements signed with one or more carriers. Questions on shipping and calculations can be sent through the web application or through the integrated web services.


As a customer, you have the opportunity to make freight and lead time calculation through our online service. The results are based on the customer signed transport agreements with one or more transportation providers. The service shows the transport services available to the consumer on the current calculation. An important part of the answer is of course that all applicable surcharges are included.

Today, we handle all types of surcharges and we develop software to handle a complete freight calculation. The service includes that we handle all updates of the different surchages usually adjusted monthly basis, eg BAF, CAF and Fuel & Currency surcharges. Our customers in this service with simplicity also check that they actually have been correct invoice when the invoice from the transportation provider will arise. Hence ensures our customers that they will never be incorrectly billed and get control of their shipping costs.



As a customer, you have the opportunity to make freight and lead time calculations via our web services functionality or through the integration with external systems.

Typically utilized this integrations to get the actual transport cost and lead time of the actual order / shipment. This means customers can easily and systematically follow up transportation costs and lead times. Functionality of some of these external systems means that the customer can obtain a fully automatic invoice verification when the transport provider’s invoice is loaded into the systems