About us

Libello began operations in spring 2001 and is now fully focused on calculating charges and lead time calculation.

The base of our business is our proprietary software to calculate the freight – LOGMATCH. Software is being developed to be adapted to the changes taking place in the transport industry.

The company has more than 40 years experience in the transportation industry and has used this experience a broad variety of users all over the world.

The goal of Libellos business is to help all businesses, large and small, with a simple and fast way to find a transportation cost and transportation lead time.

Through our tool LOGMATCH our customers can always choose the optimum mode of transport based on shipping cost and transportation lead time.

We have our offices in Helsingborg and with users worldwide, our services available under the concept of 24/7.

Transport ways

We offer our users a freight cost calculation and lead-time calculation in the following modes: